Dr. Lowe: Hi.  My daughter Aimee tore her ACL playing volleyball last August and you did the surgery 8-24-06.  She has been progressing nicely.  Thank you very much.  It has been a long hard road.  I also wanted to let you know how great you Sugarland staff is.  They are always easy to get in touch with and are always helpful.  Although, they are all great, I wanted to talk about Bubba in particular.  His manner in dealing with Aimee is outstanding.  At first, when she was so upset about the injury, she wasn't too sure about him, but by the second visit she loved him and he helped her get over herself and accept things.  He also came out to our school and taught sports metrics to the girls even though we live way out in the country.  He is great to talk to and he even mailed a book to me that I forgot at the office.  Thank you Dr. Lowe being the great doctor you are and for having a great staff.  Good luck to you in the future. Sincerely, T. Mullins

T. Mullins