Hello All,  You probably thought we had all dropped off the edge of California.  I had said I would send you a picture of Courtney (I have a great action shot that I need to figure out how to scan into an email).  Courtney has now finished her basketball season and I must say she played with much heart and total effort.  All of your advice was well heeded, even though Courtney does not know half speed or effort at anything she does.  When she started to play after we saw you, Dr. Lowe, in December here in California, she just continued to push and give more than 100%.  She was faithful to ice!!  As the season continued she became stronger and more confident.  She played all but a minute of the championship overtime game.  Even though we lost by 1, it definitely was one of her best games.  I know she feels she is not back all the way; she definitely has come a long way in a short amount of time.  None of it would have been possible without you or your staff. We are extremely grateful for the wonderful care before, during and after surgery. Courtney decided not to play a spring sport this year, but instead to do a strength and conditioning program with the PT she worked with here in California.  She has her sights set on trying to play at the college level next year and has a number of choices to look at.  She works as hard at academics as she does sports and has been accepted at a wide variety of schools, mostly in California.  Her interest for course of study is still sports medicine.  Her experience with all of you definitely had a strong positive impact on her.  The next few months will be the time of much decision-making for her. I have attached a page from our small local paper with an article about Courtney.  I tried my best to send only the one article on Courtney, but was not technologically savvy enough to get only the one article on a page in font that was big enough to read.  You share a large part of this honor with her. Our best to all of you. C. M.  

C. M.