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Revision ACL Surgery

It is the hope of Dr. Lowe and his staff that after you have an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction you lead a normal injury free return to all activities.  The initial reconstruction is referred to as a Primary ACL Reconstruction.  It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes even after you have your ACL reconstructed, that you can do something to re-injure the ligament and require another reconstructive surgery.  In most cases, if you re-injure your ACL graft, a revision reconstruction is needed.  There are two general ways to perform an ACL revision: a Single-Stage procedure or a Double-Stage process.

Depending upon the placement of your primary ACL recontructed graft, Dr. Lowe may decide to either do a one-stage or two-stage revision reconstruction.  Other factors that help Dr. Lowe determine which revision approach to follow is the type of fixation devices that were used with the primary reconstruction and the type of graft that was used.

The first surgery requires Dr. Lowe to remove the old screws from the tunnels (figure 1), repair any damage that occurred to the other structures of the knee and to use donor bone plugs (figure 3)
to graft into the tunnels (figure 2).
  • Hardware Removal - ACL Surgery Old Tunnel - ACL Surgery Bone Plug - ACL Surgery

    Figure 1
    Hardware Removal

    Figure 2
    Old Tunnel

    Figure 3
    Bone Plug