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Dr. Lowe Listed Among Top 19 U.S. Sports Medicine Specialists by This Week Orthopedics

Dr. Walt Lowe

Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza
6400 Fannin, Suite 1700
Houston, TX 77030
TEL: (713) 486-6540
FAX: (713) 512-7235

Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Institute


Dear Dr. Lowe:

Congratulations upon being listed as one of the "Top 19 U.S. Sports Medicine Specialist" by "This Week Orthopedics!" What a phenomenal and richly-deserved honor! True to form, your expertise in the arena of sports medicine is not only a gift to our health system; it is a treatsure to the entire nation!

Your ranking among America's best is sports medicine by industry leaders and intellectuals is highly impressive. Undoubtedly, you signify the pinnacle of knowledge, experience and preceision in your field. Although this national accolade comes as not surprise; it speaks volumes to the maginitued of your presence and invaluable contribution as part of the Memorial Hermann Health System team.


Dan Wolterman




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